Our Employment Strategy

As ENSIA, our employment strategy is to manage a recruitment process at international standards and quality. This strategy complies with the values of our association and involves supporting our member companies in the process of finding, selecting and hiring high-quality candidates with a diversity mindset that meet the needs of business lines.
The principle of ‘the right person for the right job’ carries great importance and it is essential that applicants have necessary qualifications while considering the applications to the Association. The basis of our recruitment and processing strategy is to recruit and develop the most competent individuals by conducting a fair and high-quality selection process. No recruitment is based on relationships or affiliations with existing or potential members or specific individuals.
Within the scope of the staff acquisition, different programs are implemented for recruiting experienced, inexperienced and fresh graduates.

For positions to be filled with external candidates; individual applications are received through the ENSIA Human Resources website.

All applications are recorded in the database of the association, and the recruitment process is initiated.
There is a professional assessment team within the Human Resources, and our employment experts successfully carry out this process by conducting structured interviews with the candidates that the relevant managers of the position attend as well. Besides the interviews, different tests such as the General Ability Test and the English Test may be applied according to the requirements of the position.

Within the framework of ENSIA’s Employment Strategy, regardless of the title and position, each employee is expected to be the leader of his/her own work, and to shape his/her career. Therefore, our association aims to reveal the future leaders of the energy sector while offering job opportunities within the companies operating in various fields of the sector. Likewise, our association offers international career opportunities within the sphere of international collaborations.