Chairman's Message

Dear Stakeholders,

The Turkish energy industry is one of the most dynamic sectors of our country. Alongside Turkey’s growing energy demand on an annual growth rate, the investments in the sector retain as a center of attraction.

There are three important facts standing before us.

TThe share of imports of energy and energy raw materials in the current account deficit, which is among the macro problems of the Turkish economy, varies between 75 and 90 percent over the years. The increasing foreign dependence of energy in Turkey; is the most important obstacle to a strong economy based on sustainable development and competitive production.

ENSIA becomes the address for the vision of clustering that Turkey needs in RENEWABLE ENERGY industry…

We are aware that having DOMESTIC ENERGY is not enough by itself. We believe that the equipment that we produce energy should also be produced by local companies in our country. We strive to promote domestic production, increasing and developing awareness...

Domestic Equipment

Acting along with manufacturers


To cooperate with the institutions related to the testing and certification activities for the equipment produced or used by our MEMBERS.


To follow the developments in the SECTOR, as well as the supports provided by public authorities or foreign funds in an up-to-date manner and to guide our members accordingly.


To participate in national/international fairs and organizations with our members within the scope of PROJECT supports.


To provide consultancy and training services on ‘ENERGY Management Systems (EMS)’ and ‘Institutionalization’.